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Brokerage-USA VA Training Series 2013

now available on DVD! Steve Dabbs 8-hour presentation is now on DVD and available to order. Learn what the VA doesn't want you to know, tricks of the trade and how to market yourself to succeed! There is a limited time offer available that has now been EXTENDED until September 6, 2013. Call our office for more information, or email belle at if you are interested in receiving our training.

Training Contents:

Section One: Veterans Improved Pension Basics

Part One: A& A Introduction
Veterans Administration Overview

Part Two: VA Benefits; Compensation vs. Pension
Complete Overview
Common Misconceptions
Myths Dispelled to the Public

Part Three: Income and Asset Qualification Guidelines
How Much is Too Much? VA representatives say I can have up to $80,000

Part Four: Case Design
Complete Overview of a Properly Designed Case
Charging a Fee, Complete Answer, It Is Your Choice

Section Two: Marketing

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