Agent Marketing

It is important to us that you get started on the right foot. So we've gathered some basic marketing items you'll need to run a successful brokerage company and listed them below.

Company Website

Yes, you need one! The truth is, without a professional, properly structured website, you're going to have a hard time competing in today's marketplace. Big business is done over the internet.

As a service industry, we have no storefront for a customer to visit or a product to hand them for examination. We rely on our voice over the phone to convince them that we are not only legitimate, but worthy to handle millions of dollars of their product. A website acts as a "virtual" storefront for us. Imagine calling a potential client and while on the phone, directing them to your website. Within seconds they're vising your professional looking website, with information about your company, perhaps some testimonials from your satisfied clients, and you show them your page where they can request a fast online quote. Now they know you're serious, and have something tangible to show the boss.

Company Logo

A logo is your own personal company emblem that sets you apart from the rest. This is a memorable, tangible item that people use to remember your company. Without one, you're just another business in the phone book. Can you survive without one? Sure. But do you know of any truly successful companies without a logo?
  • Make yourself stand-out
  • Create an image for your business
  • Increase company visibility and recognition

Lead Lists

Are you looking to gain leads? Brokerage USA has helped dozens of businesses by creating customized, branded email newsletter templates that they can use to publish their own email newsletters.

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